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eSports and VR - the perfect match?

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Patrick O'Luanaigh, CEO at nDreams, sees a huge commercial opportunity within the next 3-5 years for the VR industry to deliver immersive eSports experiences as the global eSports industry is forecasted to reach revenues of $905.6 million in 2018. More

We're here to put the Mega in 2018!

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Happy New Year from all of us at the Super Megamart. More

Bloody Zombies have arrived on Switch

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Bloody Zombies, a co-op brawler is coming soon to Nintendo Switch. Team up. Bash brains. Anywhere with anyone! More


nDreams / @nDreamsVR

Who are we?

who are we



We are the UK's largest developer and publisher solely focused on creating virtual reality (VR) games and experiences. 

We’ve honed our dedicated VR skills by creating multiple games and experiences for all the leading platforms, including The AssemblyDanger GoatPerfect, Perfect Beach, Gunner and SkyDIEving.

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