Leap to your doom!

Take skydiving to the limit in this base jumping tech demo for the Oculus Rift. Enjoy the beautiful, surreal skyscape and dodge obstacles to rack up a high score as you plummet to your inevitable doom on the ground. Also jump with your friends in multiplayer mode!

How to download...

Step one:
Click the 'Download Now' link and download the .zip file. Unzip with your favourite unzipping tool. Then double click the .exe.

Step two:
Pick a resolution, if you like it windowed or not and a quality setting.
Low quality turns off some of the effects and shine that makes Oculus Rift Mode work a bit better but that may hurt the performance of multiplayer.

Keyboard & Mouse / X360 Controller:
W A S D / Left Stick: Movement
Mouse / Right Stick: Look
Mouse 1 / Right Bumper: Speed up
Mouse 2 / Left Bumper: Slow down
Space/ A Button: Reset jump

To fire up Oculus Rift Mode, click the ‘Home’ button on your keyboard of choice.

Menus (Arrow keys or directional pad to move around, Return or ‘A’ to select):
Play!: Play single player.
Online: To host a server or join one! You will need to enter (on a keyboard) the IP address of a server you wish to connect to if you are joining a game.
Player name: Your name that people in multiplayer will see above your head
Exit: Close Game.

Platform Oculus Rift (PC)
Genre Skydiving
Release Date Available now
Rating N/A

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