We are the world's biggest virtual reality game developer, at the forefront of XR innovation. Founded by CEO Patrick O’Luanaigh in 2006, we’ve grown from our base in Farnborough, UK, to encompass 250+ people across a mix of hybrid and fully-remote studios.

Since 2013, we’ve been focused entirely on virtual reality. As one of the lucky few to get our hands-on Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR prototypes, we were among the first to step into this immersive new medium. We haven’t looked back since, winning awards, topping charts and joining Aonic in a $110 million deal.

Combining state-of-the-art technology with creative excellence, we’ve developed groundbreaking VR hits such as the best-selling action shooter Synapse, Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord, the award-winning Phantom: Covert Ops, Far Cry VR and Fracked. There’s so much more to come.

Experts in virtual reality

VR is the heart of what we do. Across all headsets, our games are designed from the ground up around our five key tenets, delivering boundary-pushing immersion and presence like nothing you have experienced before.

Aspirational **roleplay**

Aspirational roleplay

1st person embodiment of appealing roles or characters.

High agency **interaction**

High agency interaction

Tactile 1:1 mechanics in a freely explorable world.

Empowering **wielding**

Empowering wielding

Feel, hold and use visceral weapons, tools and abilities.

Emotional **amplification**

Emotional amplification

Immersive situations that provoke strong, diverse feelings.

Fictional **teleportation**

Fictional teleportation

Presence within desirable locations, inaccessible in real life.

Cutting-edge development

We develop games with some of the world’s biggest gaming and entertainment partners, spanning both our own and major global IP.

Our multiple studios now include over 250 people, uniting expertise from world-leading game developers and publishers with remarkable new industry talent.

This combination of AAA experience with bespoke VR technologies gives us the skillset and creative processes to deliver truly ambitious, high-production games for all VR, MR and AR platforms.

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A growing VR market demands a breadth of best-in-class experiences, which our collective of development studios is well-equipped to deliver.

Offering hybrid and remote working practices, with vibrant studio spaces in Farnborough and Brighton, nDreams’ four growing, specialist studios are working at the forefront of VR gaming.

Frequently sharing knowledge, these experienced teams pursue their own projects and working styles while benefitting from the shared culture and resources of nDreams. No other developer in VR rivals our project variety and AAA talent.

Recent Awards


The VR Awards (AIXR)

Outstanding VR Company of the Year


TIGA Awards 2023

Best VR Game




Best Places to Work Awards - Education Award


Develop:Star Awards

Marketing Star

nDreams Publishing Team

2023 & 2022

Guildford Games Awards

Education Award

nDreams Academy



Favorite New Quest Game of 2022

Little Cities


TIGA Awards 2022

Best VR/AR Game


2022, 2021, 2020 & 2018

Grads in Games Awards

Graduate Employer of the Year


TIGA Awards 2020

Best VR Game

Phantom: Covert Ops


Game Critic Award

Best VR Game of E3

Phantom: Covert Ops


Viveport Award

Best VR Arcade Game

Shooty Fruity

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