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The nDreams Academy is an industry-leading engagement and educational programme with a mission to improve access to gaming careers through apprenticeships, graduate hiring, and paid internship initiatives.

We recruit, nurture, and develop people into valued, long-term members of the games industry across all disciplines. Game-changing talent can be found everywhere, and it's our aim to provide the pathway.

Here's how it works:


We speak with passionate people everywhere to share knowledge and demystify the games industry, with a focus on accessing underrepresented candidates.


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  • "I have learnt so much in my time here and everyone has been so willing to teach. All ideas are accepted and treated equally, regardless of whether they come from someone with 15 years’ experience or 15 days."
    Qasam Iqbal
    Junior Level Designer
  • "The nDreams Academy has been very helpful in developing a skill set that I can use in the long term. I’ve been assigned a mentor who I find very inspiring and who will always go the extra mile to teach me, and I’ve been given the right mix of responsibility and freedom to explore systems myself which has made me more confident."
    Malika Omarova
    Junior Technical Artist
  • "The nDreams Academy is opening doorways for people who may have thought the games industry wasn’t an option for them. Extremely passionate about empowering people to embark on careers in games, the team is approachable, knowledgeable, and getting results. Inspiring young people to aspire to a career in games is vital to the continued success of the UK industry. nDreams are setting the bar high!"
    Lauran Carter
    Head of Comms, Guildford Games
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