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We are nDreams, one of the world’s leading developers/publishers focused on VR games. As our team and portfolio of titles continue to grow, we are on the search for a Senior Unreal Multiplayer Server Programmer.

We’re on the lookout for super-talented Senior Unreal Multiplayer Server Programmers to work on a dedicated server and cloud configuration. This is for a game that has a solid multiplayer game implementation already.

You’ll need to have plenty of experience working with Unreal making networked games, an ability to translate design concepts into working systems which synchronise effectively in a multiplayer title and solid performance and bandwidth optimisation knowledge. You’ll also need great collaborative and communication skills that allow you to convey complicated technology concepts to a cross-discipline mix of people! Sound like you? Then get in touch!

What Will You Be Doing?

  • Planning, coordinating, and implementing an Unreal dedicated server for use with an existing, solid multiplayer game. Support networked game features in Unreal using the in-built Unreal networking technology and tools to deliver an effectively networked game that performs gracefully under real-world conditions.
  • Generating and maintaining a detailed backlog of the work that is required, highlighting and mitigating risks and uncertainties in the technical plan, and providing good timescale estimates for development.
  • Making best use of Unreal Engine’s networking features, authoring any required documentation and materials that allow people to use your systems efficiently, and creating automated validation that ensures everything functions as intended.
  • Liaising with and training code staff and other disciplines on best practices for networking game features effectively.
  • Consulting with game team members to establish reasonable and pragmatic bandwidth and other network-related budgets for the game’s use cases of Unreal networking.
  • Profiling and optimising network performance within game levels and test levels.
  • Ensuring that automated network-related metrics are sent to our central telemetry reporting system so network performance can be monitored over time.
  • Being a key contact for networking best-practice within the studio.


  • Advanced knowledge of C++ programming - Ability to write readable, well-structured, reliable and performant code utilising design patterns and software engineering.
  • 3D maths, optimisation and data structures - Good knowledge and proficient application of 3D maths, algorithms and data structures, along with performance-minded development and optimisation skills.
  • Unreal game networking - Proven technical competence in shipping networked titles in Unreal, working directly on networked game features. Platform-specific networking knowledge. Deep knowledge of underlying architecture of how Unreal networks games, plus understanding of real-world networking infrastructure. In-depth experience-gained knowledge of the pitfalls that Unreal networked games fall into and design patterns, team working processes and implementation techniques to avoid them.
  • Collaboration skills - Comfortable collaboratively driving the future direction of our game technologies and features alongside your peers, and various project leads. Working in collaboration with your team-mates to deliver robust, efficient, well-integrated networked game-play features.
  • Technical planning - Understanding the forthcoming needs of the game as a driver for determining the ongoing evolving technical requirements for the game network technology and working practices. Helping designers with planning game features so that they are practical in a networked game.
  • Delivery - Ensuring the delivered systems and features are provided in a timely manner, are proven to work correctly and enhance the capabilities of the game team with streamlined workflow, while maintaining a vision for future maintenance and expandability.
  • Self-learning and mentoring - Someone with a desire to research, learn, and improve their own knowledge, and pass that knowledge on to others.
  • Drive and passion - Someone who is able to self-motivate, working with enthusiasm, and who is genuinely passionate about working in the games industry making VR games.
  • Communication skills - Excellent verbal and written communication skills with an ability to communicate your work to both technical and non-technical people.


  • Proven experience developing high-quality published PC, console or mobile titles in a professional team or studio environment.
  • Substantial experience working professionally with Unreal Engine 4 on shipped networked titles, with extensive networked feature development.
  • Bonus: Experience developing Virtual Reality apps for mobile, console or PC.


Our growing studio shares a passion for innovation, collaboration and defining the future of VR. We encourage an open, creative and diverse culture and empower people to explore their ideas and put their own stamp on projects. With humble beginnings of our own, we combine big projects and opportunities with a personal, caring touch. We’re proud of our culture – come and see why!

Salary is competitive and dependent on your experience.

If you think this could be the role for you, we’d love you to get in touch! Drop us your CV via the link or send us an email to


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