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Elevation is re-establishing the boundaries of VR. We’re looking for a talented Design Manager to help us explore, create, and deliver world-leading innovation in software and VR hardware. Become one of the founding members of Elevation, pathfinding a remote first studio, crafting a new generation of VR development and bringing core VR games to fruition.

The Role

Elevation is looking for an exceptionally talented Design Manager to help nurture and develop the design team across a multi-project studio. Help to empower the designers to grow and become their best selves whilst delivering cutting-edge VR experiences.

Acting as the bridge between creativity and the practicalities of development, alongside Producers and the Design Director, you will be responsible for the stewardship of the Design department. It is the role of the Design Manager to dedicate their time to the nurturing, development, planning and career progression of all Designers across multiple projects.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Work alongside the production team and Producers to bridge the communication gaps and ensure design resourcing and scheduling is realistic, appropriate, and planned for.
  • Grow and develop each design sub discipline team in terms of personal review, career progression, skill balance and recruitment.
  • Assist all project Lead Designer’s in the task of galvanising the design team towards good process when delivering specific goals and deadlines.
  • Work with all Leads and Principles per sub discipline to identify areas or individuals in need of mentoring, support, or further development.
  • Realise the design departments hiring objectives, executing interviews or facilitating them.
  • Work with all members of the Talent Team to help implement the various talent strategies across the department and facilitate the adoption of HR & Recruitment best practice.
  • Ensure and build upon solid working practices are in place per project to enable the universal creation of quality across the studio.
  • Help report and track the health of the design department, with both current and future foresight considerations mitigated, communicated, and planned for.


Essential capabilities:

  • Proven experience organising and delivering AAA game developments.
  • A seasoned developer who has the foresight and confidence of development experience to confirm appropriate methods of execution or pipeline mitigation when it comes to a design team’s capability of delivering a given vision.
  • Demonstrates a solid working knowledge of contemporary pipeline software and working practices, enough to help critique quality and know when benchmarks are or are not being met.
  • An empathetic person that can understand, support and career manage all personalities across the team.
  • Self-driven and autonomous with a natural flare for the Production side of creating design content as much as the creative.
  • A pro-active and nurturing mentality, conducive to the mentoring and objective critiquing of an evolving Design Department.
  • The ability and mentality to embrace change and deal with a very reactive environment.


Why nDreams Elevation?

This is the opportunity to build upon an already proven, world-class foundation of VR expertise, to further shape and mould a new way of working, that continues to deliver and innovate for the next generation of core VR games.

We are a remote-first studio, with all the perks that come with it. Work from anywhere to help us push the boundaries of VR, with cutting-edge technology and the support of our established VR expertise from the wider nDreams group.

Rapidly growing to support a variety of genres, nDreams is one of the world’s leading developers/publishers focused on VR games, creating multiple studios dedicated to making the best games out there.


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