Little Cities

The Cosy City Creator

Put on your headset and escape to the charming world of Little Cities, the cosy VR city creation game.

Create your own little city and lean in to watch it come to life. See residents move in and populate your island as it grows from a humble village to a bustling metropolis. Design the layout, strategically plot amenities, and make a perfect city where your citizens love to live. Easy to pick up and play but with lots to discover, Little Cities makes your biggest creations possible!

An Oculus Quest game made with love by Purple Yonder, presented by nDreams.

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A cosy VR game with exquisitely composed music, charming island setting & accessible gameplay.


Create cities at your fingertips. Draw out roads, plot out houses and watch your residents move in. Keep your city happy and you’ll see your creation thrive!


Comfortably move around and lean into your diorama cities, whether roomscale, standing or seated. View the world you created up close and watch your city come to life.


Craft your little city your way, with intuitive Oculus Touch controls or all-new Hand Tracking support, making city creation simple, unfussy and fun.


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