A Deadly State of Mind

From the award-winning team behind Fracked, Phantom: Covert Ops, and Far Cry VR: Dive into Insanity comes the next generation of immersive VR action.

Combine brutal and tactile firepower with surging telekinetic abilities as you dive into a hostile mindscape. Harness this lethal combination and master your own combat style as you dive deeper into a surreal world. Launch, levitate, and smash your enemies through destructible environments using motion controls and eye tracking-assisted aiming.

Synapse's transformative gameplay has been crafted to take full advantage of the PlayStation VR2, delivering an unforgettable experience for Sony's next generation headset.

Be the Enemy Within

Harness telekinesis and explore an evolved version of the run and cover gunplay found in Fracked, as you master and evolve your own combat style and abilities and become truly unstoppable.

Become an Unstoppable Force

Synapse’s dual-wielding combat places powerfully expressive 1:1 telekinesis in one hand and deadly weaponry in the other. Immerse yourself in the action with eye-tracking assisted aiming and motion controls.

Only Possible On PlayStation VR2

Enter a breathtaking world, crafted for the PlayStation VR2’s stunning 4K HDR display, and feel every moment of adrenaline-fuelled action through the PS VR2’s Sense controllers, adaptive triggers, and headset feedback.


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