February 21 / 2024

Little Cities: Bigger! coming to PS VR2 on March 12th!

We are thrilled to announce that the adorable world of Little Cities, VR's most loved city creator, is building its way to PlayStation VR2 on March 12th, 2024. Little Cities: Bigger! brings oodles of cosy creativity, hours of fuss-free fun and a mountain of content to the platform.

Watch the announce trailer below.

Create your dream cities with a metropolitan mix of shops, industry and housing across tropical, volcanic, desert and wintry island settings then lean in to see your delightful dioramas come to life.

Embarking on your city creation journey has never been easier (or better looking!), with intuitive controls, drag and drop building placement and signature bubble popping UI. Players can enjoy an enhanced frame rate, gorgeous visuals in glorious 4K, extra-immersive Haptic Feedback, Trophies to unlock and Eye Tracking shenanigans – all lovingly hand-crafted for PS VR2.

Take on a multi-island campaign of rewarding creative challenges, juggling resources, population happiness and protecting your diminutive denizens from dynamic natural disasters. Or relax into the endless creativity of Sandbox Mode - crafting your ideal archipelago completely from scratch.

Watch as the tiny inhabitants make your islands their home and choose from a vast range of Attractions, from donut shops to helter skelters to towering statues, to shape a city that has everything anyone could ever wish for.

Complete with over a year's worth of content, including the Attractions, Little Citizens and Sandbox updates alongside the Snowy Islands DLC, PS VR2 players are getting their hands on Little Cities in its ultimate form.

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