October 25 / 2021

Little Cities Gets its Big Reveal

We are excited to announce the first title from our third-party publishing arm, Little Cities. Developed by UK indie studio, Purple Yonder, it is coming to Oculus Quest platforms early next year.

Escape to the charming world of Little Cities, the cozy VR city creation game! Create beautiful cities from the ground up and lean in to watch them come to life. Start with a simple road, carefully place residential, commercial, or industrial zones and see your citizens move in.  Keep your residents happy to help your cities grow, by giving them access to power, amenities and services, as well as creating unlockable buildings, to build a city they’ll love to live in.

With different islands to populate, each providing its own gameplay challenges, Little Cities also offers multiple ways to play in VR. Sit in comfort, or play in room-scale where you can physically move around and lean in to view the world you created up close. The intuitive Oculus Touch controls make building easy, unfussy, and fun!

With an exquisitely composed soundtrack, idyllic audio design, and charming visuals, relax with Little Cities to make your biggest creations possible!

There is a lot more to share, so stay tuned for more news & updates in the months ahead.  Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram for further updates!


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