March 31 / 2022

Little Cities Release Date and Island Themes Revealed

Sit back and relax with Little Cities this spring, as the cozy VR city creation game releases exclusively on Meta Quest and Meta Quest 2 on April 21st. Developed by UK indie studio, Purple Yonder, and published by nDreams, Little Cities lets players create beautiful miniature cities in idyllic island settings.

We are delighted to reveal the variety of locations where you will be able to create your perfect Little Cities, across the game’s extensive campaign. Each island and archipelago will feature diverse themes, each bringing unique gameplay elements that you will need to consider to keep your citizens happy.

Volcanic islands bring the risk of eruptions and spreading fire, but geothermal vents can be used to power cities. Desert islands feature sandstorms that must be overcome through the planting of trees to break up the encroaching breeze and protect businesses.  Archipelagos, with their multiple islands, also bring the challenge of building bridges to efficiently connect your different neighbourhoods. 

With each location providing the player with unique buildings that unlock as your city grows from a humble settlement to a bustling metropolis, such as the water park and stadium, there’s lots to explore and consider when the game launches this April.

Little Cities is a city creator with coziness at its heart. With an exquisitely composed soundtrack, the gentle hum of an everyday city comes to life, and the tranquil sounds of nature filters through. Offering multiple ways to play, Little Cities has been built for VR from the ground up and is designed to be accessible for everybody.

Sit in comfort, or play in roomscale where you can move around and lean in to view the world you’ve created up close. The intuitive controls make building easy, unfussy, and fun, as you relax and make your biggest creations possible!

There’s still lots of Little Cities news to share in the build-up to release so follow us on social media for further updates! You can also join our community Discord server to connect with our team and our players from around the world!

Jimmy Bowers [Community Manager]


Eager city creators can get prepared for release day by wishlishting the game on the Oculus store!

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