October 12 / 2022

New Faces at nDreams (October 2022 Update)

In our last New Faces and Promotions update, we proudly brought you the news that it was our biggest period of team growth in nDreams’ long history. Well, that trend has continued over the past few months and we’ve outdone ourselves once more, with even more new hires throughout the team as nDreams grows to new levels.

Including several junior roles delivered through the nDreams Academy alongside mid-level and senior hires, the past few months have seen amazing new people step in to enrich nDreams in specialisms ranging from Audio Design and Environment Art to Facilities and Animation – and everything in between. 

With next-gen VR getting tantalisingly close and an incredibly varied array of quality titles already available and in development, virtual reality is an exhilarating space in which to work. nDreams is firmly at the forefront, with a decade of VR gaming expertise under our belts and plenty more to come. 

We would love to reveal more, but in the meantime, it will have to suffice to say that the hotly-anticipated Ghostbusters VR is in development alongside exciting unannounced projects. We’ve also recently gone behind the scenes with our Studio Spotlights, revealing exactly what makes each of our three studios tick, making for essential reading for anyone who wishes to better understand life at nDreams. 

So, join us in welcoming our newest nDreamers! And if you like what you see, our rapid growth is set to continue with 30+ vacancies available to check out 

nDreams Studio  

  • Harvey Brownley - Level Designer Graduate  
  • Rocky Arbigaus - Junior Environment Artist 
  • Megan Chell - Graduate Animator 
  • Chris Stevens - Senior Gameplay Programmer 
  • Dave Matthews - Senior Animator 
  • Louise Chan - Temp Environment Artist 
  • Toby Monks - Temp Environment Artist 
  • Wolfgang Graebner - Senior Producer 
  • Will Kitchen - Temp Environment Artist 
  • Malika Omarova - Graduate Technical Artist 
  • Lucas Dispensa - Junior Environment Artist 
  • Shane Bromham - Principal Level Designer 

nDreams HQ 

  • Matt Suckley - Corporate Communications Manager 
  • Jana Fadeeva - Assistant Brand Manager 
  • Kerem Kolcak - Creative Manager 
  • Séan O'Kane - Brand Manager 
  • Karim Yahyaoui - Motion Graphics Designer & Video Editor 
  • Ruvimbo Kajese - Finance Intern 
  • Vasco Mendes - Marketing Artist 
  • Jordan Chambers - Graduate Digital Distribution Executive 
  • Arjun Pandey - Senior Producer 
  • Matt Cummins - Associate Producer 
  • Oli Lavender - Resource Administrator 
  • Sally Squibb - Facilities Associate 
  • Oliver Kirby - Desktop Support Engineer 
  • Ian Bailey - Audio Designer 
  • Vicky Woollett - Graduate UI/UX Artist 
  • Paolo Cagampan - Concept Artist 
  • Laila Ibrahim - Project Manager 
  • Ryan Harris - Release Manager 

nDreams Studio Orbital 

  • Al Halsby - Principal Technical Designer 
  • Alessia Rimmer - Graduate Prop Artist 
  • Richard Chester - Senior Infrastructure Engineer 
  • Dilara Arin - Junior UI Artist 
  • Visa-Valtteri Pimia - Senior Progammer 

nDreams Studio Elevation 

  • Emmanouil Agianniotakis - Lead Designer 
  • Adam Tinning - Senior Environment Artist 
  • Jack Spink - Senior Gameplay Programmer 
  • Jonathan Palframan - Junior Level Designer 
  • Aleksandra Traczyk - Junior Artist 
  • Kern Nembhard - Principal VFX Artist 
  • Jean-Baptiste Rachail - Principal Level Designer 
  • Calum Green - Senior Project Manager 

 We’re still hiring across a number of departments and disciplines for each of our studios, including hybrid and fully remote roles. Want to join us? Check out our latest vacancies here and discover why more than 80 new team members have joined us in 2022 so far! 

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