August 16 / 2019

New Phantom Gameplay Walkthrough

We’ve just released the latest gameplay walkthrough for our upcoming VR stealth-action game Phantom: Covert Ops!

There’s still a lot to learn before you embark on your mission. Here’s our five things you’ll need to know before starting your operation:

1) Let’s get moving!

As a member of the Phantom unit, your most important asset is your kayak. You are able to freely traverse the water with realistic 1:1 motion controls, so everything from reversing to pushing off environmental items with your paddle is possible. You aren’t restricted to going in one direction either – if you think that you missed something, just turn around and head back to get the mission done.

2) How you proceed is up to you.

There are multiple options for how you approach every engagement in Phantom. You can choose whether you want to sneak past enemy guards - hiding in reeds and causing distractions – or take out everyone silently like a waterborne ninja. And make sure that you keep an eye on your surroundings while you’re moving, because there are always alternate routes you can take…

3) Get in the zone…

Phantom: Covert Ops will immerse you into the role of a military stealth operator in ways never seen before in VR. With revolutionary full-body awareness and tactile environmental interactions, you truly will “become” a member of the Phantom unit! 

4) One night to stop all-out war

Phantom’s narrative-driven VR campaign is certainly longer than what we’ve shown off so far! You’ll find yourself infiltrating a former soviet naval installation at the end of the Cold War tasked with investigating reports of new activity from a group that intends to turn up the heat on the Cold War…

The team at the studio are hard at work getting the game finished so we can’t talk too much about the narrative just yet but stay tuned for more information on the story in the coming months.

5) Perfectly optimised for each VR system

You may have already noticed that Phantom is coming to both Oculus Quest and the Rift platform. It’s very important for us to ensure that we’re making the absolute most of the Quest and Rift and we’re looking forward to showing off everything that Phantom has to offer on both platforms.

There’s still loads of info that we’ll be keeping classified for the time being, so be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to make sure you’re always first to know when we’re ready to drop more intel.

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