August 12 / 2020

Phantom: Covert Ops – Challenge Pack 1

Today sees the release of our first free post-launch content update for Phantom: Covert Ops!

Challenge Pack 1 is now available to download from the Oculus store on both Quest and Rift and includes five all-new Challenge Maps, plus bug fixes and a host of quality-of-life updates to the game. Read on for all you need to know about the first of our Challenge Packs

New Challenge Maps!

Challenge Pack 1’s maps are all about completing challenges with crazy cheats active! After installing this update, you’ll be able to play...

Loose Cannon: Kill everyone in Voldat with an infinite ammunition grenade launcher and more explosive force!

Powder Keg: Assassinate the high value targets in the Base. Be careful though: the HVTs have exploding heads!

Unfathomable: Our most difficult time trial to date: your kayak controls are reversed! Keep your wits about you, remember that right is left and left is right, and try not to crash too often…

Target Hunt: Paddle around the levels finding and shooting pop-up cutouts of enemies, like a shooting range on the river!

Broadside: Take the SV-54 Assault rifle out to the shooting range for some target practice! Like any good action hero, you’ll never need to reload so focus on your accuracy.

Quality Of Life Changes

To improve your Phantom experience even further, the team have been working hard on a patch to address some minor issues, including:

  • Adding unlock information on the Cheats menu
  • Fixing the Super Soldier cheat not allowing explosive kills
  • Fixing weapon safety not working in Shooting Range challenges
  • Fixing time trial gates not needing to be passed in the correct order
  • Fixing the issue where Leon would T-Pose if the player saved and quit during Mission 4
  • Fixing the issue where Leon would sometimes be invisible at the end of Mission 3
  • Fixing the map hole in Challenge 14
  • Fixing the issue where viewfinder was affected by ammo fade in Missions 4 through 7
  • Fixing the bug in Mission 4 on Quest where glass would be blacked out
  • Improving performance issues on Quest after putting the headset into standby
  • Fixing the intro sequence, Orlova and audio log VO being unaffected by the volume slider
  • Fixing the issue where music would not play in the sub pen at the end of Mission 2
  • Fixing missing rotors and missiles on Zhurov’s Chopper in Mission 3
  • Fixing sniper subtitles appearing as Orlova
  • Fixing when the Orlova sniper laser audio still playing after destroying the sniper tower in Mission 5
  • Fixing the airstrike music failing to play in Mission 6
  • Rebalancing guard difficulty in the Quarry in Mission 7
  • Fixing the Confusion cheat not reversing all controls
  • Fixing the incorrect number of kills on the results screen in Elimination Challenges
  • Other minor general quality of life and performance updates

Phantom: Covert Ops Challenge Pack 1, including the patch update, is out now on Oculus Quest and Rift headsets! This is far from the last of Phantom, so make sure you’re following us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and our  YouTube Channel for all future updates.

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