September 30 / 2022

Increasing Salaries to Address Rising Energy Costs

With the rising costs of energy this winter proving a real concern for people throughout the UK, we have announced that all full-time members of our team will be receiving a permanent increase to their annual salary, separate to their yearly pay reviews which take into account performance and external factors such as inflation. 

The decision, which will see salaries and current roles and those for vacant roles increase on a permanent basis, has been calculated by nDreams’ senior management team to ensure that staff are not impacted adversely by the Winter fuel crisis amid soaring energy bills. Part-time staff will receive a pro-rated pay increase. 

Despite a support package from the UK government, a £400 discount on household energy bills, to be paid over six months from October, we calculate that each household still faces an average shortfall of £530. With tax and national insurance factored in, this requires households to earn an additional £795 to cover the increases. It is incredibly pressing that we don’t expect our team to just weather financial implications and issues outside of their control.  

There have been some heartening stories from studios, like ours, who have worked to ensure their own teams are supported via similar packages, and we’d encourage any that are capable to take similar action. We all need to work to do more to ensure those less able to absorb the shock can do so. 

“As a company, we’ve always focused heavily on initiatives to support our team members’ mental health,” said Tamsin O’Luanaigh, nDreams’ Chief People Officer. “The significance of financial wellbeing as a key part of this conversation is something we have never shied away from, and so ensuring that our team members are well-compensated and protected against the rising costs of energy has been a priority for us. 

“After careful calculations, we are happy that our approach is the right one to ease the concerns of our team members and to make up for the limitations of the government’s support package.”  

Across our three development studios and the various additional roles at nDreams HQ, we’re continuing our rapid growth with more than 30 vacancies across all disciplines. To learn more, visit: https://ndreams.com/careers 

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