December 07 / 2018

Shooty Fruity Explodes into VR Arcades

Become a grocery store Rambo at your local VR arcade from today!

Good news! We’re delighted to announce a supermarket-related news story that isn’t about a Christmas advert featuring a famous singer / cartoon animal / acoustic cover of a classic song (delete as appropriate). Shooty Fruity Arcade is available RIGHT NOW at VR arcades across the world!

What’s the Low Down?

Shooty Fruity Arcade is exactly what it says on the tin – a special arcade version of our critically acclaimed multi-tasking VR shooter.

Everything you know and love about Shooty Fruity is still here – different jobs to do whilst you defend the store, an arsenal of terrifically visceral guns and power ups, and aisles of mutant fruit to shoot into little juicy pieces.  But that’s not all!  We’ve replaced the home versions career mode with a more immediate branching structure where you progress through different jobs depending on how you do (think Outrun but with more Gatling guns, bananas and slow-mo grenade throws!)

The new version is perfect for those new to VR as well as being highly competitive and replayable due to different career ‘routes’ and daily, weekly and monthly leaderboards.

Where Can You Get Your Large Cartoon Mitts on the Game?

Tons of VR arcades will be featuring Shooty Fruity Arcade from today via the following partners:

Over the coming weeks Shooty will also be heading to VR Arcades via CTRL V, Neurogaming, Two Bit CircusMK2 and many more.

Not sure if this applies to your local arcade?  Get in touch with them and ask about their plans for the game!

Are You A VR Arcade?

Looking for the Next Big Thing for your Visitors? Then get in touch! 

We’ve designed a very special version of the game especially for VR arcades.  Shooty Arcade features 10 minute branching sessions, making the game is super accessible for all ages, as well as being highly replayable.

Drop us an email via enquiries@ndreams.com

For more on Shooty Fruity and our other titles keep an eye on our Twitter at @nDreamsVR.  We also have even more heading to VR arcades – Perfect Balloon Flight is coming soon!

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