July 13 / 2018

Shooty Fruity Shortlisted for Game of the Year

Our fruit shooting and grocery scanning VR mash-up has been nominated as part of The VR Awards 2018!

It’s been an exciting and memorable week here at nDreams HQ. Firstly, we’ve reached an important milestone for one of our upcoming secret titles that we desperately want to share with you (all in good time though!). Secondly, our World Cup office sweepstake has reached the final that sees our CEO Patrick (who got France… FIX!) take on one of our coders, Jamie Holding (who got Croatia). And lastly, to round it off, we’re delighted to announce that Shooty Fruity has been shortlisted for The VR Award’s VR Game of the Year along with several other great VR games that have been released in the past 12 months!

“We were hoping to be shortlisted for ‘Supermarket of the Year’ at the prestigious Grocer Awards, but a ‘VR Game of the Year’ nomination from the biggest awards show in virtual reality will do nicely!” said Patrick O’Luanaigh, CEO and Founder here at nDreams, “We’re delighted and honoured that people everywhere are falling for Shooty Fruity’s unique brand of multitasking gameplay”.

The VR Awards take place this October in London, UK.  For more information check out their website, Facebook or Twitter.

Shooty Fruity is out now on PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive.  For more information on our shooting/job simulation mash-up check out the game’s website.

We’re currently working on several unannounced VR games and experiences.  If you’re looking to discuss how we can help bring a project into (virtual) reality or just to catch up on what we’re up to, feel free to drop us an email.   

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