May 25 / 2023

Synapse Launches Exclusively for PlayStation VR2 on July 4th

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We are delighted to reveal that Synapse, the eagerly anticipated next-gen VR action shooter, will be launching exclusively on PlayStation® VR2 on July 4th! 

In a new trailer, unveiled at the recent PlayStation Showcase, you can get a fresh look at the game’s dual-wielding gameplay and a first glimpse of the game’s intriguing narrative. Transported inside the twisted mind of an enemy of the state, you'll take on the role of a highly trained operative tasked with extracting crucial intel that will stop mass destruction. 

In this trailer, we also provide an exclusive reveal of the legendary voice cast behind Synapse, with the fantastic work of David Hayter and Jennifer Hale for you to enjoy! 

David Hayter voices Colonel Peter Conrad, a once-respected black ops leader who has since gone rogue, becoming a notorious enemy of the state. We're delighted to be working closely with David once again, with him having previously voiced General Zhurov in the award-winning Phantom: Covert Ops. He's the perfect antagonist to call you to action in this surreal mindscape. 

Jennifer Hale plays Handler Clara Sorensen, a director of the ultra-secretive Bureau V. Sorensen is your sole link to the outside world from within the Colonel’s mind and acts as a guide through his warped subconscious. In Synapse, Jennifer is reunited with her co-star David, having worked alongside him previously on Metal Gear Solid.  

“When nDreams first approached me about playing the character of Colonel Conrad, I was immediately intrigued,” said David Hayter. “I was impressed with the complexity of his character, the unique nature of the gameplay and I have had an absolute blast bringing Conrad to life. It’s been fantastic to work with the team at nDreams again and of course, to have the privilege of going voice-to-voice with the legendary Jennifer Hale.” 

“Working on Synapse has been a really great experience,” said Jennifer Hale. “The team at nDreams have done an incredible job with the game and it’s immensely satisfying knowing I’ll be helping Synapse’s players to take David down.” 

Synapse is fast-paced and visceral, crafted to take full advantage of PlayStation® VR2’s next-generation feature set. Dual-wielding a lethal combination of surging telekinetic abilities and brutal firepower, you'll need to overcome the Colonel’s increasingly deadly defences as you fight deeper into his hostile mindscape. 

Further Synapse news will be revealed in the coming weeks. Follow us on social or join our official studio Discord server to keep up to take with the latest announcements.  

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