July 04 / 2023

Synapse is Out Now, Exclusively for PlayStation VR2

Get Synapse now on PlayStation VR2!

Synapse, the eagerly anticipated PlayStation VR2 exclusive action shooter, is out now on the PlayStation Store! Combine visceral dual-wielding combat, experience the talents of a legendary voice cast, and tap into the next-gen power of PS VR2!

“It’s been incredibly rewarding to see people’s excitement for Synapse grow from the moment we announced the game back in February,” said James Shepherd, Head of nDreams Studio. “The team have produced a true showcase of what the PS VR2 is capable of, and I’m thrilled that PS VR2 owners can finally experience the spectacle of Synapse for themselves.” 

The excitement for Synapse has never been higher. It's received widespread critical acclaim ahead of its release, with the action-packed gameplay and intuitive use of the PS VR2’s hardware features singled out as some of the best the headset has to offer.

"...a pure power fantasy that epitomises everything great about virtual reality." - Eurogamer 

"Synapse is a strong addition to PlayStation VR2's library that any FPS fan should buy." - UploadVR 

"Synapse is a phenomenal VR game, bringing striking visuals, meaningful progression, and true power fantasy together...an immediate must-buy for PS VR2 owners." - The Sixth Axis 

"Synapse is an incredibly well-built VR action game for PS VR2, and a ridiculously easy game to recommend to any action or shooter fans..." - 6dofreviews

In Synapse, you'll harness a lethal combination of surging telekinetic powers and deadly weaponry as you break into the mind of a notorious enemy of the state, Colonel Peter Conrad (David Hayter). Guided by your Handler, Clara Sorensen (Jennifer Hale), you'll need to fight deep into the Colonel’s subconscious to extract crucial intel that will put an end to his plans for global mass destruction. 

Synapse’s innovative gameplay has been crafted to take full advantage of PlayStation VR2’s next-generation feature set with eye-tracking enhanced, motion-controlled telekinesis and adrenaline-fuelled gunplay. Feel every shot and crush explosives with the palm of your hand through the PS VR2's Sense controllers, with full haptic feedback and adaptive trigger immersion.

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  Get Synapse now on PlayStation VR2!

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