May 11 / 2016

The Assembly: Designing for Virtual Reality

Would you like a closer look at the secret world of The Assembly? Well, then you’re in luck as in our brand new video, we give you a behind-the-scenes look at the game’s development.

In this video, the first of a series, we discuss the challenges we overcame when designing The Assembly as game built from the ground up for high-end VR devices. We explain how we’ve designed the game to make the best use of VR, with the goal of making it a great first experience for anyone who’s new to virtual reality.

Take a look at the video below to discover how we used innovative movement mechanics, level design that mimics the real world and a specially crafted UI to create a realistic, atmospheric and fully immersive experience.

We hope you enjoy this sneak peek into our upcoming interactive story in first-person VR, and the intriguing, morally dubious world in which it’s based.

Want to know more about some the design challenges and opportunities we’ve faced over the course of The Assembly’s development? Then have a read of this: Designing The Assembly: Keeping it Real

The Assembly GC Screen 07

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If you have any questions about The Assembly, feel free to send us a message via The Assembly's Facebook page or tweet us with the hashtag #TheAssemblyVR.

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