April 05 / 2023

What Makes an nDreams Star?

  • By Vikki Neale, Head of HR at nDreams

 Every company wants good people in its team, but how many really take the time to define what ‘good’ means in the context of the culture they’re aiming to build?

 nDreams has been around for a while now, and we’ve grown massively – now 200+ people across four studios – so for us, it’s been really important to set the standards we encourage from our team members in the form of our ‘nDreams behaviours’.

 These are not about expecting perfection; in fact, they are largely intended to celebrate individuals’ softer skills that are too often overlooked. We took a great deal of time coming up with the complete list of these behaviours, but it was well worth it to arrive at the balanced selection we have today. Not only are they a reminder to us of what we are looking for in exemplary nDreamers, but they help everyone on our team to understand the traits that are particularly valued here and what they can strive towards.

 The amazing team we’ve built is a testament to the fact this works, and so when we were setting up our internal awards scheme, it made perfect sense for us to return to our nDreams behaviours as the criteria to celebrate. And with this, the nDreams Star Awards were born!

 Every six weeks, an nDreams Star Award will be presented to the member of the team who has best embodied the nDreams behaviour of choice for that period. For the inaugural award, the featured behaviour was Enthusiasm, and the award went to Matt Cummins from our Third-Party Publishing team!

 Those nominating Matt praised his “energy and drive,” “throwing himself into any job full heartedly, positively and professionally,” and his “charming sense of humour.”

Matt himself, meanwhile, was proud to be the first ever nDreams Star: “I enthusiastically accept! Of course, enthusiasm is also driven by those that you work with, so I have to extend a shout-out to my team and those that I share my working day with, as well as the many others at nDreams that are equally deserving of an enthusiastic Star award. Looking forward to seeing who our next winner is!”

In six weeks, the second ever nDreams Star Award will be given and it will be based on a different nDreams behaviour, the full list of which is below:

  • BOLD

We believe that one of the first steps in building a culture is to look at which behaviours you consider desirable and to put them in writing. We’re extremely happy to not only celebrate ours further with the new nDreams Star Awards, but to make the team the arbiters of this and allow even more promotion of positive behaviours across our studios.

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