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Don't take our word for it! Here's what the brilliant developers we work with daily have to say about publishing with nDreams.

  • Purple yonder

    "It has been fantastic to work alongside nDreams as they’re closely aligned with our vision for the game. We're only a small team, so the positive response to Little Cities means a lot to us. We've been really happy with it!"

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  • FuturLab

    "The feedback nDreams has given us has been really, really useful. We know what we want, and we know the PowerWash community, but having a back and forth about how to make the game shine in VR has been extremely valuable. The collaboration has just been super easy." - James Butlin, Senior VR Programmer, FuturLab

  • Near Light

    "We are very much aligned with the philosophy of nDreams. When you have that feeling of excitement about a game, accompanied by a group of people that you really enjoy working alongside, that’s a special thing. If you ever get that as a developer, it’s an absolute privilege."

  • How it


    What we’re looking for is simple: a team whose games excite us as much as our own. In four stress-free stages, here’s how VR games like yours get signed by nDreams – starting right here on this page.

    Step 1

    Your great game idea!

    This is the starting point for any collaboration, so we hope you’ve got something to wow us! Whether it’s at concept stage or nearly launch-ready, we’re always excited to see ideas making the most of VR.

    Step 2

    Pitch it

    Hit the link below to get your game into our evaluation process. We’ll be looking just as much at teams (or individuals!) as we are at games, so we want to know about your strengths, passions and track record.

    Step 3

    Get to know us

    One of our dedicated team will review your submission and get back to you, to better understand your project and your needs. If there’s a playable build, we’ll arrange for our VR leaders to play and collate feedback.

    Step 4


    So we all love your game and your vision. Next, we get the project into our internal greenlight process and refine the publishing deal terms based on our discussions with you. If things align, we sign!

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    So, you're interested in getting your VR game published with nDreams? Fill in the quick form below and we'll be in touch!



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