April 20 / 2022

Ghostbusters VR Unveiled for Meta Quest 2

Revealed for the first time at the recent Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, we’re excited to announce that we’re developing Ghostbusters VR (working title) for the Meta Quest 2, working alongside our friends at Sony Pictures Virtual Reality and Ghost Corps, the creators of the Ghostbusters franchise.

Grab your proton pack and up to three friends for this brand new action adventure campaign. Run your own Ghostbusters HQ in a new city, San Francisco, and solve a gripping mystery in the latest chapter of the Ghostbusters universe. Wield iconic tools and weaponry as you chase, blast, and trap ghosts across the city, either solo or with friends through cooperative play.

Continue the legacy of the Ghostbusters across an engrossing campaign, experiencing all of the humour, frights, and nostalgia of this beloved franchise. “With Sony Pictures VR, we’ve found the perfect teammates to help bring a boundary-pushing multiplayer game to virtual reality,” says Tomas Gillo, Chief Development Officer at nDreams. “Our close collaboration with the creators of the Ghostbusters franchise at Ghost Corps, combined with our extensive experience creating rich, tactile, and immersive VR, will blow gamers and Ghostbusters fans away.”

“If you’re looking to create a big, engaging multiplayer VR game that has to be experienced to be believed, who you gonna call? nDreams,” says Jake Zim, Senior Vice President, Virtual Reality, Sony Pictures Entertainment.

“Few franchises spark the imagination quite like Ghostbusters, and it’s even more exciting to imagine a fully featured Ghostbusters VR game,” says Chris Jurney, Metaverse Director of Publishing at Meta. “This game will give the ultimate wish-fulfilment of catching ghosts in true Ghostbuster fashion.”

We’ll be revealing much more over the coming months about this spooktacular VR outing. Be sure to visit GhostbustersVR.com or follow us on social media for further updates! You can also join our community Discord server to connect with our team and our players from around the world!

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