November 11 / 2021

New Faces and Promotions (September & October 2021)

The last two months have gone by in a flash! Not only have we had our 15th anniversary as a studio, we also celebrated for the first time in over 18 months together, in person, at the very first nDreams Festival. It was a fantastic two days of events, food, and team building (what more could you ask for). We’ve also recently announced our first third-party publishing title, Little Cities, made with love by the team at Purple Yonder.

As we look to our future projects and our needs as a growing developer, we’ve begun to staff up across our two studios in several key areas, and we’ve got a lot of new faces to welcome to our ranks. Not only that, but we continue to look internally at opportunities for promotion and have two to celebrate this time (coming as a direct result of the nDreams Academy no less)!

Please join us in giving a warm welcome, and congratulations, to…

September and October 2021:


We’re still hiring across a number of departments, including roles for our new second (fully remote-based) studio. We’ve even got a number of Kickstart vacancies available for those that are based in the UK, aged 16-24, claiming universal credit, and currently out of employment.

Want to join us? Check out all of our latest vacancies here.

- Jimmy Bowers [Community Manager]

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